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June/July - Like A River Glorious

When was the last time you stopped to gaze into the wonder of flowing water in Creation? It is beyond amazing to see the simplicity of flowing water—so constant, yet it never ceases to inspire wonder.

The hymn I have chosen for the past two months is Like A River Glorious. I don't know how many times I have sung this hymn, but looking deeper into it today, I see fresh beauty. Here are the words:


(1) Like a river glorious

Is God's perfect peace,

Over all victorious

In its bright increase;

Perfect, yet it floweth

Fuller ev'ry day,

Perfect, yet it groweth

Deeper all the way.

(2) Hidden in the hollow

Of His blessed hand,

Never foe can follow,

Never traitor stand;

Not a surge of worry,

Not a shade of care,

Not a blast of hurry

Touch the spirit there.

(3) Ev'ry joy or trial

Falleth from above,

Traced upon our dial

By the Sun of Love;

We may trust Him fully All for us to do-

They who trust Him wholly

Find Him wholly true.


Stayed upon Jehovah,

Hearts are fully blest-

Finding, as He promised,

Perfect peace and rest.


About the Author

Our composer—Yes, I said "composer" (I normally reserve this section in my articles for lyricists, but since James Mountain wrote the music for so many fantastic hymns, I decided to include him)—James Mountain, was born in York, England. After college, he pastored in Buckinghamshire (which I do not need to specify is also in England. ;)

God led him through failing health to leave his pastorate and become an evangelist. He traveled globally, and though I do not see how that could be easier on your health than pastoring, evidently God gave him the grace and strength for his new ministry. One of James's greatest inspirations was Ira Sankey, D. L. Moody's sidekick and song leader. Because of Sankey's music ministry, James was moved to write in that style of hymn-writing, composing at least 32 pieces.

Late in his life, he became a Baptist and pastored St. John's Free Church (free being synonymous with the more modern term "independent").



A Few Thoughts...

Thinking over the first verse of this hymn, I really like the passage which says, "Perfect, yet it floweth fuller ev'ry day, perfect, yet it groweth deeper all the way." God's peace, which is a result of a heart "stayed upon Jehovah", is perfect; and yet, when we are stayed on Him, we see a greater fullness in its flow and a deeper growth in our hearts every day. Rest in His peace, brother or sister, and enjoy the daily refreshment the river of God's peace secures.


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